Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Yogurt Maker

The YMX650 Automatic Yogurt Maker is the top of the line product from Euro Cuisine. It stands apart from the less expensive models in the range both in terms of looks and features.

In the looks department, the YMX650 has been given a 'European' look with brushed stainless steel accents. And the overall design makes it look like a much more capable machine.

In terms of features, this yogurt maker contains a built-in digital timer and automatic shut-off. The timer uses a blue LED display and can be set for anything up to 15 hours in 1 hour increments. The time remaining will be shown on the display for the duration of the maturing process. The unit produces an audible alert (beeping sound) when incubation is complete.

Another distinguishing feature is the separate lid storage. Built into the top of the unit is a separate compartment designed for storing the lids of the yogurt jars when not in use. Hardly a critical factor in the decision making process, but a useful feature none the less.

One of the most useful features (to me at least) is the calender setting built into the lids of each of the yogurt jars. Using this handy device, you'll be able to mark each jar with the date the contents were made. That way if you end up with a collection of jars from different batches in the fridge, you'll know what to eat first and even what's still safe to eat.

As with the other yogurt makers from Euro Cuisine, the YMX650 comes with 7 six ounce jars (including the screw on lids with built-in calender settings as just discussed), a 3 year warranty, power cord storage and operating instructions.

The only difficulty is that YMX650 yogurt machine can be difficult to find. I haven't been able to find any retailers online who sell it. Hopefully you'll have better luck.

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