Salton YM7 Yogurt Maker

The YM7 is the newest addition to the Salton yogurt maker range. Unlike the YM9, this model features 7 x 6 ounce glass jars instead of the single larger container.

The idea with the smaller individual jars is that you can make yogurt of different varieties or flavors all in the same batch. As I've mentioned in other yogurt maker reviews, I like the glass jars as you can keep re-using them and they clean up perfectly after each batch. Using individual containers can also make it easier to transport - straight from the yogurt machine to the fridge then into your lunch box or bag.

YM7 Feature List:
  • The unit itself comprises the base of the incubator and accompanying clear lid (just in case you want to watch all of those acidophilus bacteria do their thing)
  • 7 six ounce glass jars - for use in the incubator during fermentation. The jars come with individual lids for later storage of the yogurt.
  • The unit has a 'time reminder'. Just be aware that it just allows you to set the time you started fermentation (or perhaps the time it should be finished). It wont sound an audible alarm and there is no auto-shutoff on this model. You will have to remember to turn the unit off yourself.
  • The unit comes with a booklet containing instructions for use and basic recipes.

This yogurt maker gets mostly good reviews. The only negative feedback was that a few customers have reported the glass jars have been broken on arrival or have broken in their hands during use. However most customers reported the jars as being heavy and sturdy. Maybe there was a quality problem with some of the jars.

The Salton YM7 Yogurt Maker retails for between $30 and $40 dollars online depending on which merchant you buy from.

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