Euro Cuisine Yogurt Makers

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Makers come in a range of 3 models that should suit most people's domestic requirements and budgets.

The company behind this brand wholesale a number of small household appliances with a focus on small kitchen appliances, utensils and supplies. They are based in California.

All models in the Euro-Cuisine range have the following features:
  • They all come with 7 x 6 ounce glass jars;
  • All have a 3 year warranty; and
  • All feature power cord storage for convenience when the unit is not in use.

I think the glass jars are a great feature. They are healthy and hygienic because they are easily cleaned and sterilized. And they're great for the environment - no plastic containers and packaging going into landfill.

The Euro Cuisine Range:

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

This is the entry level option of the range. In addition to the features common to all of machines in this range (as listed above), the YM80 also has a time indicator.

Euro Cuisine YM100 Yogurt Maker

This is the next step up in the range. The main advantage offered by the YM100 over its little brother is an auto shut-off feature. This will turn off the machine after a predefined time period thereby making the most time consuming part of the whole process a little more convenient. The only negative feedback I've heard in regard to this feature, is that the lid keeps maintains the heat even after the power is switched off, thereby allowing the yoghurt to continue incubating (cooking) beyond the desired time and producing a product not quite to everyone's liking.

Euro Cuisine YMX650 Digital Automatic Yogurt Maker

As the fancy name suggests, here is the top of the line model. It features a 15 hour timer with audible alarm and auto shut-off when yogurt is ready. One of the great features of the YMX650 is the date setting on the lids of each of the jars. Using the calendar setting, you can dial up the date so you'll know exactly when you made the yogurt and when it's still safe to eat.