Tribest Yogurt Maker

The Yolife Yogurt Maker is just one of a range of small appliances manufactured by Tribest Corporation. Tribest Corporation was founded in 1988 by Jae K. Choi in California. The company specializes in small appliances with an emphasis on consumers seeking healthy lifestyles.

Apart from the yogurt maker, Tribest also sell a range of juicers, a water distiller, a personal blender, a sprouter, a soy milk maker and a range of grain mills.

I find the sprouter to be an interesting concept. I've never used a commercial one before. It's used to grow wheatgrass and sprouts like mung beans and alfalfa. I'm not sure where the value is though. I know it has a built in automatic watering system but for around $100, it must be pretty special.

But for all of that, Tribest only offer one yogurt maker - the Yolife YL-210. In keeping with the 'healthy lifestyle' theme of the company, this machine allows you to produce your healthy nutritious snack in batches of up to 80 ounces, although the standard configuration is 42 ounces (7 x 6 oz jars).

The two features which make this yogurt maker stand out are the 5 year warranty and the extra cover. While the 5 year warranty speaks for itself, the extra cover may need a little more explanation.

In order to allow you flexibility in what yogurt making vessels you decide to use, this model not only comes with a standard cover for use with the six ounce jar, but also a higher domed version so you can use larger jars or other containers.

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