Salton Yogurt Makers

The Salton Yogurt Maker is currently produced in two models - the YM7 and the YM9. Or, if you're really keen, you can snap up a GM5 or YM4 second hand. As with all of these in-home units, you can produce a healthy organic snack by putting in only the ingredients you choose then mixing in a starter culture of your choice. You will also save money by not needing to buy the commercially made product.

Salton Inc is a leading U.S manufacturer of small household appliances. The company was originally founded by Lewis Salton back in 1943 and had its first success with an invention by Lewis called the Hotray - a product designed to keep people's meals warm. Now, as well as yogurt makers, the company also distributes a range of other small kitchen appliances including Quesadilla Makers, Rice Cookers, Popcorn Poppers, Juicers, Wine Chillers, Bread Makers, Ice Cream Machines among others.

The Salton YM7 Yogurt Maker produces 42 ounces of homemade goodness in seven individual six ounce jars. The idea behind the individual jars is that they can go straight from the incubator to the fridge when fermentation is complete. You can then take them to school or work. Also, because you can wash and re-use them, they're good for the environment - no plastic packaging to put out with the trash.

The other model currently available is the Salton YM9 Yogurt Maker. While the features are very similar to the YM7, this unit allows you to make yogurt in one quart batches in a single container (no individual jars). As an added bonus the internal fermentation vessel is 'freezer safe'. This means that you can put it in the freezer to make frozen yogurt - a healthy and refreshing snack for the whole family over summer.

The YM9 scores an average rating of four and a half stars out of a possible five across 573 customer reviews on Amazon. People who have bought this machine cite the ease of use and the price as major positives. On, another popular review site, this appliance also scored well with four and a half out of five once again, with very similar feedback, although from a much smaller group of consumers.

The Salton GM5 and YM4 yogurt maker models only seem to be available on auction sites like eBay now. The GM5 and the YM4 both use 5 individual jars inside the incubator (heating unit). If you are interested in either of these models, you might need to be patient and wait for one to come up for sale.