Waring Yogurt Maker Released

In August 2008, Waring released the Model YM350 Professional Yogurt Maker into the retail homemade yogurt making market. It's Waring's first foray into this market and will place it in competition with lower cost models from Salton, Euro Cuisine and others.

Waring have been around for over 60 years and are probably better known by people in the food and hospitality industry for their commercial "industrial strength" appliances.

However, Waring also have a decent lineup of products aimed at the retail market. These include blenders, drink mixers, juicers, popcorn makers, toasters, ovens, Belgian waffle makers and the list goes on. Even though the products are aimed at consumers for use in their homes, most of these small kitchen appliances look like they belong in a commercial kitchen - they all look very capable.

And now they've brought out the Waring Pro YM350 Professional Yogurt Maker. In the press release on their website, they say the new product will help Americans address the challenge of getting enough calcium in their diet on a daily basis. They then go on to say:
"Waring's yogurt maker gives health-conscious consumers a great alternative to overly processed snacks"
This new unit certainly looks the part. It's black with stainless steel accents. It contains a 19 hour, blue LED, digital timer and comes with a 6 eight ounce jars and 2 sixteen ounce jars (all with lids) for fermentation and later storage.

I've written more about the Waring YM350 Yogurt Maker at the preceding link.