Miracle Yogurt Makers

Miracle Exclusives have their origins in juice extractors (juicers). Over the past 40 years the product line has grown to include not just juicers, but yogurt makers, rice cookers, grain mills and grinders, pasta makers, dehydrators, sprouters, fermenting pots - and the list goes on.

Miracle products are generally marketed to the more health conscious consumer. The company believes in an "expanding consumer need for quality appliances to obtain the highest nutrient level from fresh foods".

In line with this belief, there are currently two Miracle yogurt makers to choose from. I have written before about the health benefits of yogurt before so be sure to have a look at the article.

Miracle ME72 Milk Carton Yogurt Maker:

The first of these is the ME72 which works its magic on the milk right inside the milk carton. Rather than using the small jars or some other internal fermenting vessel, the ME72 incubator is designed to hold a one quart milk carton.

The idea behind this rather novel concept is that since most milk bought in cartons has already been pasteurized, you should be able to safely open the carton, add your starter culture then put it straight into the incubator which will warm up the mixture and maintain it at the required heat until fermentation is complete.

When milk is pasteurized, the bacteria is killed of. (Cast your mind back to your high school science classes or look up Louis Pasteur on Wikipedia if you need to refresh your memory.) This means that you wont need to boil your milk and let it cool before using it in your machine - less mess and less fuss. And just the probiotic (good) bacteria doing the work for you.

Miracle YM75 Yogurt Maker:

The model YM75 yogurt making machine is more conventional in it's design and mode of operation. This device uses individual glass jars inside the incubator like most of its peers. Click on the link above to read more about the YM75.