Miracle YM75 Yogurt Maker

From the producers of the Miracle ME72 Milk Carton Yogurt Maker comes the YM75 model. Unlike the ME72, in which fermentation takes place directly in the milk carton, the YM75 uses the more conventional approach of 8 individual glass jars to hold the milk during fermentation.

Once again, the marketing blurb discusses the convenience of individual containers and how they can be placed straight in the fridge then packed in lunches and the like. It also promotes the concept of making 8 different styles and flavors in the 8 individual glass jars.

In reality, most people are only going to make yogurt of one type in any one batch produced. However, if you're catering the needs of a fussy family, then maybe the individual containers will come in handy. It really all just comes down to personal preference and what will suit the needs of your household.

Apart from the incubator unit and lids, this machine comes with 8 glass jars (with lids included), a set of instructions (containing recipes as well) and a one year warranty. This model will work in batches of up to one quart.

You can buy the Miracle model YM75 online for around $35 to $40 plus shipping.

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