Yogourmet Yogurt Making Products

Apart from the Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker, Canadian company Lyo-San also manufactures a range of other related nutritional products. The company has been operating for 25 years.

Lyo-San Inc, based in Lachute, Quebec, is perhaps best known for its yophilization (or freeze drying) of a number of different types of food. It markets an impressive range of freeze-dried meals under the name Outdoor Gourmet Plein Air to outdoor recreation sports enthusiasts.

Lyo-San also manufacture a range of yogurt making products under the Yogourmet name.

The Yogourmet Multi system is the centerpiece of the product range. The system comes with the incubator (which maintains the milk at the correct temperature during fermentation), an inner container which holds the ingredients during incubation and a stainless steel thermometer. The Yogourmet yogurt maker makes one or two quarts per batch. Also included is a cotton bag which can be used to make yogurt cheese.

And bringing Lyo-San's expertize in yophilization into the Yogourmet range we come to the freeze-dried starter products including the Casei Bifidus Acidophilus starter and the Kéfir starter.

The Casei Bifidus Acidophilus starter contains additional probiotic dairy cultures to those contained in the regular starter. According to Lyo-San, the Yogourmet Multi is the only yogurt maker with a heating pattern suitable for use with this starter. Apparently the unit gradually raises the temperature over a number of hours.