Yogourmet Multi Electric Yogurt Maker

The Yogourmet Yogurt Maker provides yet another subtle variation in it's method of making yogurt. It strikes me as a kind of a hybrid between the other electric yogurt makers which are currently on the market and the ones which don't use electricity like the Yogotherm and Easiyo yogurt makers.

While the Yogourmet model does use electricity, it also uses water as the medium to transfer heat from the heating element in the incubator to the fermenting milk and other ingredients in the inner vessel and to maintain an adequate temperature. Using water is said to provide even and stable heat distribution and addresses a concern raised about a couple of Yogourmet's competitors - that of uneven heat distribution.

Yogurt can be made in batch sizes of one or two quarts using this machine. When finished the inner container can be removed and placed in the refrigerator, and provided it's sealed with the lid (provided) should keep for up to 3 weeks.

The Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker gets mostly positive reviews. Most customers are very happy with the product and say it's easy to use and easy to clean afterward as well.

Another feature which got the thumbs up was the large single container used in this machine. A number of consumers have said they like the large single container as they are sick of having to mess around with all of the smaller individual jars used by some of Yogourmet's competitors.

One of the few concerns raised with this machine is that some customers have had problems with the lid 'blowing off'. The theory is that the gasses produced during fermentation in combination with the air-tight seal on the lid of the incubator result in enough pressure inside the container for the lid to pop right off during operation.

Another criticism was the difficulty experienced in removing the inner container from the incubator once fermentation is complete. Apparently there is a trick to getting it out without dropping or spilling it. A couple of people described the need to hold onto the edge of the rim to avoid such mishaps.

But as I've said already, the vast majority of consumers appear happy with their choice and would recommend it to others.

The Yogourmet electric yogurt maker comes with the following:
  • The incubator unit
  • An dishwasher safe inner container made from polypropylene with accompanyong air-tight lid to allow for storage of your finished product in the regrigerator
  • A stainless steel thermometer
  • An instruction manual including recipes
  • A one year warranty
Yogourmet yogurt makers are available through a number of online retailers. While prices vary, you can expect to pay in the vicinity of $50 for one.