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Yogurt Maker Reviews gives you all of the latest reviews and information on brands like Salton, Euro Cuisine, Yogourmet, Easiyo, Waring, Miracle, Breville and others so you can compare features.

On this website you will find lots of useful information on electric, automatic and even frozen yogurt makers.

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Yogurt Maker Reviews By Brand

Salton Yogurt Makers - Single Container Or Individual Jars
Kitchen appliance distributor Salton sell a range of very competitively priced yogurt machines. Click the link above to read more about the YM7 and YM9 models currently on the market. You can also read about some Salton's older models like the GM5 or the YM4.

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Makers - 3 Models To Choose From
Euro Cuisine is well known for their kitchen appliances. With 3 models to choose from, the Euro Cuisine range is one of the broadest. Read more about what they have available.

Waring Yogurt Makers - 'Professional' Model Released
Waring is a relatively new entrant into this market and faces some stiff competition. But, although a little more expensive than some of the other brands on the market, Waring's reputation for commercial "industrial strength" appliances is a distinguishing feature.

Easiyo Yogurt Makers - No Electricity Required...
The Easiyo yogurt making system is different to other brands available. The Easiyo system doesn't require any electricity to run. And Easiyo have a wide range of related products available. Read more...

Yogourmet Yogurt Maker - Make 2 Quarts In Each Batch
The Yogourmet Multi is produced by Canadian company Lyo-San. Lyo-San also use yophilization (freeze drying) technology to produce a range of freeze-dried meals aimed at outdoor recreation sports enthusiasts.

Miracle Yogurt Makers - Make Yogurt In A Milk Carton
Miracle are best known for their products aimed at health conscious consumers - they also sell juicers, grain mills and grinders, dehydrators, sprouters and fermenting pots among other nifty appliances. But what caught my eye was the Miracle model ME72 which lets you make yogurt in a milk carton.

Deni Yogurt Maker - Affordable And Reliable
Maker of small kitchen appliances, Deni offers to 5600 model. Click on the link above to go to the Deni products page.

Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Maker And Ice Cream Collection
The Cuisipro "Frozen Treats" range feature a yogurt making machine and an ice cream machine both sold under the Donvier label. Cuisipro also sell a range of accessories including spare fermentation/storage jars, a thermometer, starters, ice cream scoops, pop molds and the Donvier Ice Cream Desert Book.

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