Best Selling Yogurt Makers

Before making a purchase decision, sometimes it can be useful to see what others are buying.  These buyers have presumably all done their own research before making a decision about which model is best for them.  So it stands to reason that the most popular models will be well worth you having a look at.

So with that in mind, here is a list of top selling yogurt makers.

Top 5 Best Sellers

1. Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker
This is a relative new-comer to the market when compared with the other models on this list and is very competitively priced at around $30.  Makes over 8 cups of yogurt in 8 individual containers.

2. Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker
Makes 2 quarts at a time in a single large "batch jar".  Comes with a thermometer and cloth bag (for making yogurt cheese) for around $50.  Or for another $10, you can get the package with 2 boxes of yogurt starter thrown in.

3. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker 
Another competitively priced model at under $30, will make 42 ounces of yogurt in 7 x 6 ounce glass jars.

4. Euro Cuisine YM260 2qt Yogurt Maker 
A larger model from Euro Cuisine.  Makes up to 2 quarts in a single container.  Sells online for around $40.

5. Tribest Yolife Yogurt Maker 
Like the YM80 from Euro Cuisine, this model comes with 7 x 6 ounce jars as standard.  However, its flexible design means you can use your own larger containers instead.  Retails for around $40.

This information has been sourced from and is correct as of October 2011.