Easiyo Yogurt Products

Easiyo Products Limited is a New Zealand based company offering a range of products aimed at helping consumers make yogurt at home.

Easiyo Company founder Len Light started the business distributing his product out of his basement in New Zealand. Since then the company has grown and expanded into Australia and England with a distribution network covering a growing number of other countries.

The business was built around the belief that the fresher the yogurt, the better it is for you. That's why Easiyo sell yogurt makers and associated supplies to be used in the home. That way you're guaranteed that the yogurt you consume is all natural, as fresh as possible and contains the maximum number of live lactic cultures.

Easiyo offer a dizzying array of products. Apart from the yogurt maker itself, they produce bases (powders) with flavors like Boysenberry, Caramel, Lemon and Toffee among others. Then there is a low fat range and a specialty range including the ever popular Greek Style. Next up is the Probiotic range. These contain a bunch of 'good bacteria' which occur naturally in our digestive system, but which apparently sometimes need a top-up.

To round out the line-up they also sell drinking yogurt and and an ice cream mix containing Acidophilus (probiotic) cultures.

I must say that the Easiyo system is different from other yogurt makers on the market. Whereas the other devices normally contain some sort of heating capability to maintain the temperature during incubation, this one relies on boiling water to get it started then I presume the container is insulated to maintain the heat during the 8(ish) hour incubation period.

The following articles contain more information on the products available.

The Easiyo Yogurt Maker can be purchased either by itself or packaged with other accessories and or bases (powders). Read this article to find out more.