Euro Cuisine YM100 Yogurt Maker

The YM100 yogurt maker is the middle model of the Euro Cuisine range offering slightly more than the YM80 but not approaching the number of bells and whistles offered by the top of the line YMX650.

The main differentiating feature of the YM100 when compared to the YM80 is the auto shut-off feature. This allows you to mix up your yogurt culture, milk and any other ingredients then just set the timer and let it go. You don't need to remember to turn the unit off at the end of the incubation period.

Like its little sibling, the YM100 comes with a set of 6 oz glass jars in which to make the yogurt (7 jars in total). The jars are placed right in the incubator for 'cooking' then on completion the screw top lids can be fitted and the end product refrigerated prior to consumption

Euro Cuisine YM100 Yogurt Maker features:
  • the incubator unit itself comprising the heating base and a see-through upper cover,
  • 7 individual 6 ounce dishwasher safe glass jars including lids,
  • timer with auto shut-off,
  • 3 Year warranty,
  • power cord storage and
  • operating instructions.

The only real criticism I have heard about the YM100 is to do with the auto shut-off feature. Some buyers have questioned the usefulness of such a feature. The nature of the yogurt making process means that the longer heat is maintained, the longer the bacteria remain active - and this changes the character and flavor of the resultant product. Critics argue that the enclosed incubator maintains the heat even after the power turns off, therefore extending the incubation period. The end result is that you'll need to be around anyway to remove the jars from the unit and to refrigerate them so it makes the timer redundant. If you subscribe to this logic, you may be better off saving yourself 10 dollars by choosing the YM80.

The YM100 retails for around $40.

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