Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker

As I write this, the Aroma AYM-606 is the best selling yogurt maker on Amazon. Although relatively new to the market, this product has attracted quite a following due mainly to a good feature set at a low price.


- 8 individual 5 ounce cups, with lids
- Digital display
- Programmable timer
- Automatic shut off

The Aroma Digital Yogurt Maker makes yogurt in 8 individual 5 ounce cups in about 9 hours.

Using the programmable timer, you can set the 'cook' (incubation) time according to your own tastes. The recommended setting for this unit is 9 hours but if you like your yogurt more on the tart side you may want to leave it longer.

When the preset time has elapsed, the machine will sound an alert (a chime sound) then automatically shut off.

Having eight individual jars compares favorably to the other models which use individual containers. The Salton YM7 and the Euro Cuisine models for example use seven jars and the Waring model uses 6 (although the jars are slightly larger). However, the Waring YM350 does offer more flexibility as it also comes with 2 larger (16 ounce) containers albeit at a higher price.

The programmable timer with the automatic shut-off is also an unusual feature at this price point. You would normally pay more for a yogurt maker with this capability.

Consumer feedback has been almost entirely positive. There has apparently been some confusion over the heating light. The red light goes on and off while the unit is cooking - I presume to indicate when the unit is actually heating. This has caused some customers to this the machine is finished cooking or that it is broken.

Another thing to consider is additional cups. With just the one set of cups, you'll need to empty all of the containers before starting a new batch. With an additional set, you can have one batch in the refrigerator ready to be eaten while another batch is fermenting. However, some people have said it is hard to get hold of additional sets of cups. You will need to contact Aroma Housewares directly.

The Aroma AYM-606 Yogurt Maker comes with a one year warranty. It is available at online retailers from about $30.