Cuisinart ICE-25BC Frozen Yogurt Maker

The ICE-25BC from Cuisinart is a combination Frozen Yogurt, Ice-Cream and Sorbet Maker. This particular model looks very smart indeed with its brushed steel finish (that's what the 'BC' stands for - Brushed Steel). This frozen yogurt maker is fully automatic - just put in the ingredients, switch it on and your frozen yogurt will be ready in about 20 to 30 minutes.

Using Cuisinart's ICE-25BC is very straight-forward.


The first thing you'll need to do is freeze the freezer bowl. The freezer bowl contains cooling liquid within its insulated walls. Time taken to freeze the bowl will depend on the temperature of your freezer, but is normally at least 6 hours. If you have the room, it's probably worth leaving the bowl in the freezer when it's not in use.

Making Your Frozen Yogurt:

Next, take the frozen freezer bowl, assemble the machine and switch the machine on so the bowl starts rotating. Then immediately pour in the ingredients though the ingredient spout. In about 20 minutes or so the mixture will start to firm. It's at this point you can add dry ingredients like nuts or chocolate chips, once again through the ingredient spout.

Once your yogurt is frozen, remove it from the machine and store in a plastic container. Using the freezer bowl for storage may result in damage to the bowl.

The Cuisinart ICE-25BC is made up of the base (containing the motor), the freezer bowl, a mixing arm and an 'Easy-Lock' lid with an ingredient spout in the top. The power cord folds away into the base for neat and safe storage. The machine has a capacity of up to one and a quarter quarts.

Customer feedback is mostly positive. The only negative feedback was from a buyer who thought the appliance was a little noisy, but they still said it did a good job.

You can buy the Cuisinart ICE-25BC Frozen Yogurt, Ice-Cream and Sorbet Maker online for around $60.