Salton Yogurt Maker - Model GM-5

I thought I'd briefly mention the GM-5 Yogurt Maker from Salton. Although Salton don't seem to sell this model any more, but it is available on Amazon and some of the auction sites like eBay.

The GM-5 W is a thermostat controlled device that makes up to 1 quart of homemade yogurt in 5 jars. The jars come with lids, are resealable and are dishwasher safe. As with all of these machines which use smaller individual jars, the benefit is that you can make different flavors and/or use different cultures in each jar.

In original packaging, the GM-5 comes with the incubator unit, 5 glass jars (used for storage and serving), a mixer/spoon with built-in thermometer and a recipe book.

As I said earlier, I've only found these available on auction sites and even though they appear to be second hand, some of them still come in their original packaging.

As you would expect, prices for the Salton GM-5 Yogurt Maker vary greatly depending on the seller, the condition of the unit and on buyer demand.

You can find some customer reviews here.

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