Tribest Yolife YL-210 Yogurt Maker

The Yolife Yogurt Maker YL-210 is part of Tribe Corporation's healthy lifestyle offering and is aimed at homemade yogurt making enthusiasts.

Yolife YL-210 Features At A Glance:
  • 7 six ounce glass jars
  • Time indicator
  • Comes with 2 lids. A standard one for use with the 6 oz jars and a larger lid so you can fit in your own larger containers
  • 5 year warranty

The unit consists of the heating base and a choice of 2 clear lids for use during incubation. The unit also features a time dial. This is used to indicate when the finished product will be ready.

The YL-210 does not have an auto-shutoff feature like some of its competitors. But I like the way Tribest turn this into a positive feature in the yogurt maker comparison on their website. They claim that the auto-shutoff feature on some of their competitors' models may turn the unit off before fermentation is complete. The YL-210 apparently gives you more control.

The benefits of an auto-shutoff mechanism are vigorously debated in some quarters. Some consumers claim that the need to remove and refrigerate the yogurt as soon as fermentation is complete negates any benefit of auto-shutoff.

I think the second, larger lid supplied with this product is a real positive. If you'd like to make a larger quantity or use your own container, this larger lid is very useful.

Tribest also sell a 64 oz glass jar as an optional accessory for around $3.75 (plus shipping).

Also, if you already own a Tribest Personal Blender, you can ferment your yogurt in these containers. The idea is that you can then make your smoothies without needing to change containers.

Like some of Tribest's competitors, there has been some negative feedback about the shape of the glass jars supplied with the unit. Apparently they can be a little difficult to clean - but this is seen as a minor drawback.

The Tribest Yolife YL-210 Yogurt Maker retails for around $35.