Deni 5600 1-Quart Electric Yogurt Maker

The model 5600 Electric Yogurt Maker is the only yogurt making appliance offered by Deni and is part of a much broader small kitchen appliance range.

Like most of its competitors, the Deni 5600 uses a set of glass jars to hold the raw materials during fermentation. These jars come with lids and can be used to store the finished product in the refrigerator.

I have mentioned before that I like the idea of the glass jars. They're environmentally friendly because they can be reused many times over and there is no plastic packaging going into the garbage each time.

The unit comes with a built-in timer and audible alarm to alert you when fermentation is complete. The features offered by this model compare favorably to those of other yogurt makers in this price range.

But I have come across a couple of criticisms of the jars which come with the 5600. The first is that their shape and styling make them difficult to clean. The other drawback is that the covers or lids don't really seal very tightly - their not designed for transporting yogurt - to school or work for lunch for example. There are a couple of stories of people experiencing leaks during transit.

The 5600 Yogurt Maker comes with the incubating unit itself (which comprises a heating base and clear see through cover), six 6 ounce jars with lids, a 1 year warranty and operating manual. The operating manual contains a number of recipes both for making yogurt and for making other dishes using yogurt as an ingredient.

The 1 year warranty is a less than some of Deni's competitors, but customer feedback has been positive when it comes to reliability.

The Deni 5600 Electric Yogurt Maker normally retails for around $30.